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[27 Jun 2006|06:39pm]
[ mood | reborn ]

And the process is finally complete.

I think you're crazy, maybe...
I think you're crazy, maybe...

I will see you in the next life.

The Next Life is at http://www.livejournal.com/users/xxxxglosoli

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[27 Jun 2006|12:23am]
[ mood | excited ]

Besides the slight hiccup in the early evening you're becoming really good.

Props to you.
You deserve it.
Remember nothing is fair.

But who said you can't be happy?

Failure is merely getting the ways you can't do things out of the way.
Constructive failure.

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[26 Jun 2006|07:22am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

You know what to do now. You're awesome!
Finally a compliment to yourself.

It's a step forward.

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[23 Jun 2006|12:36am]
[ mood | hot and not mad but odd face ]

All you needed was some lightening jokes and fun times with cousins. And also that Moreau yearbook. Heheheh.......

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[15 Jun 2006|04:43pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Doo do doo do, do doo do do, doo do doo do, doo doooooooo.

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[14 Jun 2006|09:07pm]
[ mood | moody ]

One Less Day. One More Day.
One Up Day. One Down Day.
One Happy Day. One Sad Day.

Graphing that would be a confused mess of lines like.
_ _ _ _
/\ / \
\ /\ / \_ _
\/ \/ \

You get the picture. Looks more like mountains...

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[13 Jun 2006|12:16am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

This is what you call rebirth.
It's fun.
Very fun.

"Very Vague Entry"

But with rebirth, you can imagine what happens when that happens.
That pheonix bird. Born again. It's a good picture in the mind.

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[11 Jun 2006|09:24pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I am in need of sleeping pills...

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[11 Jun 2006|12:18am]
[ mood | cold ]

Do you feel that inner freeze?
You do, don't you?
Don't you?
Don't you?

Yet you smile.

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[09 Jun 2006|04:39am]
[ mood | blank ]

You wish he knew how lucky he was. You wish he did because he leads 5-0. Genes win.

Hopefully only for now.

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[08 Jun 2006|11:30pm]
[ mood | mad happy sad joyful. ]

so if 16 times 365 = 5840.
and it's been an extra 39 days of living past my 16th birthday.
8540+39 = 5879.
add the leap years in 92, 96, 00, 04.
8579+4 = 5883

So 5,883 days on this planet.

..You get the picture.
Getting hopeful.
Getting angry.
Getting happy.
Getting joyful.
..Again you get the picture.

So 5883 days of this.
Ehh actually 5882 15/24 but nvm that.

5883 days of luck and learning experiences. It's nice.
Really nice.

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[08 Jun 2006|03:04am]
[ mood | not sleepy but yawning. ]

2 more years.
Then it all changes.
You're then up to the big leagues of adulthood?

OH and your memories cannot leave you.
Which is good and bad.
But everything is good and bad if overdone.

By the way I like girls. I blush a lot.

I blush a whole lot.

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[06 Jun 2006|03:13am]
[ mood | nostalgic like heck. ]

Why start this? Because you're psycho =]
You're really psycho? Who knows. Pooey.

So it all started that day.
Yes that day.
You blew it.
Puberty got to your mind and body and soul.

(My story? I will use I's!)

Chapter 1
May 20 2002.
Yeah first girl I talk to. In 7th grade. Pathetic I know. But it's ok. It started. I met one of my best friends to this date this day. It was nice. Interesting stuff. I think this embarasses me? It's fine really.

Chapter 2a
Dec 19 2002.
I went to my friend's house. He was going to take me to the mall.
So I could meet this girl. This cool girl I've been talking to online a bit.
So five pm. We finally meet. Pretty fun. Only problem was I was a shy bastard. Mass shy.
Oh second thought, insanely shy. So there were about 10 people. Many of them I know today still. So this was the first big day...

Jan 14-17 2003.
Yeah that relationship get together stuff. You know this too well. Ha.

Feb 10 2003.
The end of this chapter. Offically. The phone call was interesting.

Chapter 2b
Dec 11 2002.
Yeah I meet this hyper girl. Interesting. Very very hyper. This is insane...

Jan 25 2003.
A dance. The dance with her. She was on coke stuff. I was surprised really. Fun day.
Yet this illusioned you well? I have no clue anymore. I don't know.

March 11 2003.
Simply stated as end of chapter. Or contact with the person.

Chapter 3
Feb 14 2003.
So I met this other person. Pretty awesome really. Yeah. Good talks. Was too short I guess...Good meeting her. Really good. We're still best buddies. I thank much stuff for that.

Chapter 4
Apr 17 2003.
So then here we go. I end up meeting this really awesome girl. Things just worked. Really worked. It was great. Problem was I couldn't handle sarcasm yet. Dumb? very but it's the process I guess. Maybe I was too serious.

May 30 2003.
The relationship starts. Perfectionism? Maybe an illusion? I don't know still.

May 31 2003.
So after one day of a relationship you see your ex. It's fun really. I thought of laughing a bit. I did. I got soaked. I lost my mind. I kinda just cried too. I got lost. Yes all at Great America.

July 11 2003.
Oh the humanity, the imperfectionism starts to appear but I cope. Imperfectness is good. Really good. I end up calling a lot. A whole lot. Many funky days in between. The up and down cycle of the relationship. Say goodbye gpa! It was good knowing you! But it was fine stuff really. Emotional draining many of the days. The roller coaster was imminent. I think I was insanely insane.

2004 held great things.

Sept 8 2004.
The miscommunication blows it away. The end happens. It's fine really. Then it starts to kick in. Hard. Very hard. The learning experience was great. I just messed up. But you are human...

Chapter 5
Oct 30 2004.
How did a dollar make so much of a difference? This is too funny really. I couldn't believe what I would get myself into.

Feb 14 2005.
I gain guts. I gain guts. I gain guts. Lunchtime I just hand her the card and go. It's too laughable but it worked out I suppose.

Feb 15 2005.
The best day of my life to this point. You get this dead animal. You get asked to a dance. I couldn't and still can't believe it happened. Just wow =]

Mar 17 2005.
A good dance. Simple as that.

Feb 14 2006.
That item I gave was the best I could do. I am glad by that. I am really glad I learned so much from this. I really did. I just wish I could redo a few things and maybe even keep this chapter going...

Until Chapter 5 Continues or Chapter 6 starts...

***My first person and second person is me or me talking to myself. Ehhh

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[03 Jun 2006|08:47pm]
[ mood | jubilant? i guess. ]

Yeah. Tons of days away. But one year left.
Do you still keep yourself awake about that one person?
Yeah probably just secretly. End of story.

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[30 May 2006|11:05am]
[ mood | exanimate ]

Deep down there's always a feeling of loneliness.
No matter what you do, it's always there.
It's probably part of the process of life.
The emptiness is never filled.

What fills it?

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[26 May 2006|12:22am]
[ mood | can't describe this mood ]

It's done. It's all done.

You do not know how to feel right?
Yeah you do.
You should be sorry.

But there are many things for you this offseason.

1. Hours
2. Ed
3. Job?
4. Just feeling.

You need rest.
You really do.
You just need something else.
Too many emotions are in your mind now.
Way too many.


That's All Folks

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[23 May 2006|04:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Somehow I can second my last entry

It's really getting better.

And summer has come to save the day.

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[15 May 2006|11:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today was happiness.
Finally true happiness.

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[14 May 2006|06:33pm]
[ mood | hahahaha? ]

Too funny. Too funny. Too funny.

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[12 May 2006|03:27pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Are you sure you can do this?

I guess it's a must?

No clue at all.

Is there some sort of hint in life?

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